Limit Screen Time

Vitamin D

3 Vegetables a Day

Whole Grains are Best

Get Your Calcium NowExercise

Involve Kids

Healthy Fats


2 Fruits a Day

Limit Soda and Juices

Limit Treatsps for Good Eating


Limit Soda and Juices

What was once an occasional treat has now become a daily occurrence and our children are paying the price. The average teenager drinks 1-3 cans of soda a day and younger children are drinking more than the recommended amount of juice. Drinking too many sugar sweetened beverages often replaces the milk and water that children should be drinking and puts them at risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cavities and osteoporosis.

Choose water and milk
Daily limit is one juice per day
Soda is a double whammy; it replaces more nutritious choices and is bad for bones and teeth

Don’t buy it, they won’t be able to drink it


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