Limit Screen Time

Vitamin D

3 Vegetables a Day

Whole Grains are Best

Get Your Calcium NowExercise

Involve Kids

Healthy Fats


2 Fruits a Day

Limit Soda and Juices

Limit Treatsps for Good Eating


Protein from Healthy Sources
The good news is most American children get the recommended amount of daily protein. Although the amount of protein is not an issue the source of the protein is, as some sources are full of unhealthy fats whereas others have fiber and lots of healthy nutrients in them. A good goal to strive for is to offer more of the healthy protein sources and less of the unhealthy ones.

10 to 15 % of your child’s diet should come from protein
Vegetable sources of protein are good for your child
Choose healthier animal sources: fish, turkey, or chicken





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