Limit Screen Time

Vitamin D

3 Vegetables a Day

Whole Grains are Best

Get Your Calcium NowExercise

Involve Kids

Healthy Fats


2 Fruits a Day

Limit Soda and Juices

Limit Treatsps for Good Eating



We have created a step-by-step guide to help you make improvements that won’t cause too much of a disruption to you or your family. It is called BHK: 12. If you make one change each month, within a year you and your family will be eating a diet full of the essential nutrients that you need to stay healthy and strong.

BHK: 12 exercise   BHK: 12 Sedentary   BHK: 12 Vitamin D   BHK: 12 Vegetables
BHK: 12 Whole Grains   BHK: 12 Calcium   take 12 involve   BHK: 12 Healthy Fats
BHK: 12 Protein   BHK: 12 Fruit   BHK: 12 Sugary drinks   BHK: 12 Snacks


















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