I recently got a Planet Fitness work out and I love it. Since May is exercise month it got me thinking, how much should we exercise a day? We should be exercising at least 60mins per day, but that can be difficult. So with the little time I do have I do the 30min express work out at Planet Fitness. I work my arms, legs, and more. During each break I also do stretches. It’s a full work out in a little amount of time. How convient! Days after this work out I am still sore, so I know(and feel)that it’s done its job. Still, everyday I have gym class where I do laps and other exercises. For some kids who do not have a gym class everyday try to get them to walk the dog, and anything else.

Lets Break the the fast!

The definition of fasting is not eating for a long period of time for religious or other reasons. When you sleep you are fasting for eight or more hours. In the morning you break the fast with breakfast. Breakfast is not only yummy, but the most important meal of the day.

Soda or Water

Tomorrow I have my first triathlon. I need to have long lasting energy all day, should I drink water or soda? Cast your vote and reasoning below

Personally, I don’t like soda but I love water! To be healthy, you should drink eight cups of water each day. Soda is very surgery and almost as bad as candy. You my feel like soda or other drinks such as Redbull are giving you energy, but there are really only making you feel that way for a small amount of time. After the sugars run out you crash and lose lots of energy, but if you had just eaten a filling meal and drank some water you would have real, healthy, and long lasting energy.


12 times

It only takes 12 times to like a food. Try it, it really works! Try the food once now and then and soon… you might like a vegetable or something you never thought you could like! Be brave and put yourself to the test.

11 more times

Kids Page

My name is Sophie and I love food! I love all types of food, but not always healthy ones. I know I am growing and need to eat healthy so I went to Dr. Deb for some help. Over the 4 or more weeks I have been working with her she has taught me some surprising facts about my TV habits, the foods I eat, and more.

Can TV hurt you?

Yes it can, but not like this: When I was younger I was told that if you watched too much TV your eyes would turn into triangles, and thankfully, my eyes are still circular- at least I think so. Now a days kids spend most of there time with the media- TV, computer, video games, texting, and more.

Do you watch too much tv ?

Too much of these can actually be dangerous for your health because while you do these activities you are sedentary- not moving- and your body sits still for hours and does not receive the exercise it needs to grow healthy and strong. This can lead to obesity and more.