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Exercise 101

Children are designed to run, jump and play. They love to exercise because to them it is not exercise, but play. All children 2 years and older need to exercise at least 60 minutes a day on most, if not all, days of the week.

Younger children will naturally be more active than that. In some instances, children are sometimes not able to be as active.

In these situations, perhaps a daycare setting, make sure toddlers and preschoolers have enough time for both organized activity (30-60 minutes) as well as free play (minimum of 60 minutes) each day.

Besides a healthy diet, exercise is the best thing your child can do to ensure that he or she grows up healthy and strong.

The type of exercise does not need to be fancy. As long as their arms and legs are moving, they are getting benefits both physically and psychologically.

Some of the many benefits from exercising include better self esteem, less depression and anxiety as well as a host of physical benefits; their heart and lungs will work more efficiently, they will have a decreased risk of being overweight or obese, their muscles will have more tone, their bones will be stronger, and their risk for diabetes and heart disease will decrease.





Gradually increase the number of days and time spent each day exercising in order to limit the possibility of injury.



If your child is not able to go outside and play, have them play indoors.