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My name is Sophie and I love food! I love all types of food, but not always healthy ones. I know I am growing and need to eat healthy so I went to Dr. Deb for some help. Over the 4 or more weeks I have been working with her she has taught me some surprising facts about my TV habits, the foods I eat, and more.

Can TV hurt you?

Yes it can, but not like this: When I was younger I was told that if you watched too much TV your eyes would turn into triangles, and thankfully, my eyes are still circular- at least I think so. Now a days kids spend most of there time with the media- TV, computer, video games, texting, and more.

Do you watch too much tv ?

Too much of these can actually be dangerous for your health because while you do these activities you are sedentary- not moving- and your body sits still for hours and does not receive the exercise it needs to grow healthy and strong. This can lead to obesity and more.