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Have you tried to cook healthy meals only to have your child yell Yuck at the table and refuse to eat it?  Are you confused over what to feed your kids these days? If so, schedule a call with Dr Deb who specializes in picky eaters.  Kids need to learn that what they eat becomes who they are! Teach them how to build a healthy body by following the advice of Dr Deb. Lay the Foundation Package

This is a great place to start especially if you are not sure if your child is getting all the nutrients that they need for their health and to reach their potential.

Includes an Initial Nutrition Assessment and 4 coaching calls $599

Monthly Package

Are you at your wits end from struggling with your child to eat a healthy diet? Will they only eat a limited diet that includes little to no fruits and vegetables and lots of processed items? Talk to Dr Deb once a week for a month to turn around your picky eater. 45 mins per call.

Includes 4 phone sessions with Dr Deb $399

Fix ups

1/2 hour call with Dr Deb $99

Eating Personality Assessment (Only at BHK!) Regularly $199; Limited Time Offer 35% Off Price is $129

Discover your child's unique eating personality plus how his or her personal temperaments show up at the table. Work with your child's unique eating personality instead of against it to make mealtime pleasant.

Initial Nutrition Assessment $139

Is your child getting all the nutrients he or she needs to grow up to reach their potential? What you feed your child now affects how tall, smart, and strong he or she will be, plus how able they are to fight off disease. You will get a thorough analysis of you child's recommendations from Dr. Deb for them to follow.

Kid Calls It oftentimes helps to tell your kids that Dr Deb says...instead of always being the bad guy yourself. Dr Deb says you have to eat your fruit before you can get a candy for instance.   Dr Deb can speak with your child on their level, no matter what age they are. Set up a 10 or 20 minute call today. Kids don't need more time than that as they have short attention spans. Dr Deb can also follow up the call with an email that you can print out and put on the refrigerator as a reminder. 20 minute call $19